And what do you do when the pub shuts? Go to a club of course! Plenty of late night drinking on offer!

Here's my guide of where (and where not) to go.

Note that each and every club/night listed here have all had the pleasure of my custom! Aren't they lucky?

Disclaimer - The information presented here is purely from my memory of each night, which may not be too good after 10 pints! Therefore don't hold me responsible if anything here is not quite right. I've done my best!

Despite any comment on this page, I do NOT suggest any under age people should go to nightclubs. It's illegal!

(There - keep on the right side of the law!)

Club Name Night Door Policy Drinks Music Comments
Capitol, Matilda St, Sheffield Tuesday (Student) 10 - 2:30, Free, No dress code 1 Pint House/garage Enjoyable and cheap night out. Has a tense sort of atmosphere that some dislike. Also has a chill out area outside.
Club Uropa, Eyre St, Sheffield Tuesday (Student) 10 - 2, 2/3, No dress code 1.20 Carling, 1.50 all others House/garage Another good Tuesday night out, in one of Sheffield's smaller clubs. Always busy. Cheaper admission before 11pm.
Thursday 10 - 2, 1, No dress code 1 Pint, 1 Spirit/Mixer, 0.80 Pils 70s/80s Enjoyable night of old music. Surprisingly the club isn't full of old people!!!
Friday 10 - 2, 3/5, 20+(I think) No jeans/trainers 2.30 a pint House/Dance Good, but a little expensive night out. Gets really full, therefore just as busy as the rest of the week
The Roxy, Arundel Gate, Sheffield Saturday 9:30 - 2, 3.50/4.50, No jeans/trainers 2:20 Pint, 2.60 Pils, 1 Carlsberg Mainstream Roxy's is alright when you are under age! When you are old enough it suddenly loses it's appeal. Its a cheezy club, therefore dodgy music, crap DJ, mixture of young and old punters (About 16-35!).
The Zone, King Edwards St, Nottingham Friday (Student) 10 - 2:30, 1/2, No dress code 1.60 Pint, other specials Dance/Mainstream Nice to see a club doing a student night at the weekend! Enjoyable.
Saturday 10 - 2:30, Free/2/3, No dress code 1.80 Pint, 1 Vodka, other specials Indie/Britpop Very enjoyable night. Good music, good prices, good atmosphere. Check out the very comfy massive sofa type things at the back. Picture of Homer Simpson next to the Gents goes down a treat! Recommended! Nice to see a club selling pints for less than 2 at the weekend!
Pulse, Arena Leisure Park, Sheffield Wednesday (Student) 10 - 2, 3, No dress code 1 pint Dance / Mainstream Toppermost student night, with free beer before 11:30ish. Yes, that's right, all pints are absolutely FREE! That's FREE! As in zero pence! Free bus to/from Hallam union. Just a shame to see Pulse going slightly cheesy, but then again, it is student night.
Friday 10 - 2:30, 4/5, No jeans/trainers 2 Pint, 1.70 Budweiser House/Garage Good night out in large out of town club. Always busy. Plus points include the laser displays, and the drinking water tap in the toilets(!), which I have since found doesn't work. Oh dear.
Rock City, Talbot St, Nottingham Thursday (Student) 8:30 - 2, 2/3, No dress code Can't Remember! Rock/Indie Mixture of soft rock, hard rock and indie. Large club. Downstairs is for goths/rockers only. Beware. The upstairs bit is a bit more mainstream and studenty.
Ritzy, Parliament St, Nottingham Tuesday (Student) 10 - 2, Free/1, No dress code 1.50 Pint Mainstream Right, Ritzys. Nottinghams biggest cheezy nightclub. This is an experience. A bad experience. At the start of term, it gets too full and too hot and is hard to move around with long queues for bar and toilets. As the term goes on, it doesn't get quite as busy, making it more bearable and easier to get served. Beware of the Take That 3/4/5 in a row. Also, this is the only club I've ever heard play a Chesney Hawkes record. Oh dear! Finally, a word of warning - I think they tamper witt the beer, here. Whenever I've been, I've always had a greater hangover than what I expect, considering the amount of beer I drink.
The Leadmill, Leadmill Rd, Sheffield Friday (Rise) (Cheers Steve!) 10 - 4, 9/11, No dress code (I think) 2.20 Pint House/Garage The Leadmill's big night, with big name DJs, and big door price to match. Seems a little weird at first, but easy to settle into. Good atmosphere. Expensive but good night out. 2 rooms. Bar hard to locate at first :-)
Beatroot, Broadway, Nottingham Friday 10-2, 3.50/4.50, No dress code, Membership required 2.20 Pint, 2.80 Red Stripe Indie (Room 1)/ Jazz (Room 2) A good industrial(?) themed club which is a bit cold(???????) but has good atmosphere. Also comes with an unfortunately expensive bar.
Essance, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham Thursday 10-2, 2.50/3 2.30 Pint, 1.50 Becks House/Garage Big club, always full. Expensive bar.
The Voodoo Lounge, Huntingdon Street, Nottingham Thursday 10-2, 1, No dress code All drinks 1! Mainstream Dance New, small club, but really quite busy. Must be because of the cheap drinks prices. Nice comfy seating upstairs.
MGM,Greyfriar Gate, Notingham Wednesday (Student) 9:30-2, 2, No dress code 1 pint before midnight - more after. Mainstream MGM - A Ritzys wannabe if ever I saw one. Another cheezy club. Beware of extremely long queing times at the bar (up to 20 minutes!?!?????).

If there is any club/night not featured here that you would like to see listed, then simply pay for me to go there, so I can find out what it's like!!!!

Back we go...