Welcome to the seventh of my competitions. You know, It's just a bit of fun. That's all it is. All you have to do, is answer the question below. That's it. Simple as that.

The first person to send me the correct answer, will win a whole genuine e-mail from me! And (as if that's not enough) the winner will also get a mention on my page. Excited now? I'll bet!

Previous Winners

Competition 1 - What's the next line in this song? "I've been driving in my car, with my friend Mr. Soft"?
The answer is "Mr. Clean and Mr. Ben are living in my loft" from Shakermaker by Oasis.
There were no winners for this.

Competition 2 - Who does Bruce Willis Play in the Die Hard Trilogy?
The answer is John McClane.
The winner is Tanya Jones.

Competition 3 - What's the capital of Peru?
The answer is Lima.
The winner is Tanya Jones.

Competition 4 - What is sodium chloride better known as?
The answer is Salt.
The winner is Tanya Jones. (No!) The runners up are...

Competition 5 - What buses did I catch from home to Parson Cross College?
The answer is 41 and 89. (41 and 53 would also have been acceptable)
The winner is Rachel Pidoux. (Don't ask me how!!!!!)
Competition 6 - Complete this sequence S M T W T
(And yes, I made this one deliberately easy, considering the difficulty of the last one!)
The answer is F S.
The winner is - Rachel Pidoux

And for the question...

What was the name of the Saturday show that Chris Evans did on Virgin radio?

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