As a student, I thought I'd like to share some recipes with all the other students (and indeed, would be students) reading this.


Simple one this. Assuming you have the base of the pizza ready, (and if not, don't ask me how!) it's just a case of adding those oh-so-delicious topping that you have come to associate with pizza. And as a student, this is ever so easy, all you have do, is look round your kitchen and pick up all those little scraps on the floor, that people drop, and can't be be bothered to pick up. Simply arrange them in a nice manner on the top of the pizza, and place in the oven for 25 minutes. See easy!

Pot Noodle

This one is so easy... All you have to do is boil the kettle and fill the pot with the water. Until, you remember that as a student, you don't have a working kettle. Never mind. Not a hard problem to solve. Simply walk around your student lounge, and find all the half drunk cups of coffee. Just pour the liquid out of them and into your pot noodle. OK, it may taste a bit strange, but it's better than using the cold tap anyday!

Do you have any student type recipies that you would like to share with the world in my cookbook? Tell me!

I'll never go hungry again...