The Future Of This Site

August 1 - 1998 . I`m Back!!!!!!!!!!! Rich is back!!!!!!!

Well friends, the future of Rich's home page and the unofficial TFI Friday website is unknown.

As I've just finished my second year at uni, and am taking a year out, my free net access at the uni is not available to me at the present.

The pages will remain on the net, at the existing address for as long as Tripod and Geocities remain free.

Whether I will be able to add stuff and keep the TFI section up to date depends on how much net access I can get in the future, which at the moment, doesn't look like much at all (if any).

Any mail you send to me is definitely welcomed, although the replies to your comments, suggestions, ideas, quiz entries may take a week, a month, or even (god forbid) a year to come. Any mail sent will obviously store up until I do become able to read it.

Thanks for all your visits and support over the last 18 months, and just remember, I'll be back one day!

Rich (July 1998)

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