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Why I love this site:

OK, I have left my mark

Well, after huge public demand, (well
about 5 people!) here is the guestbook.


Wahey! It's open! (ooer!) Yet another place to display my razor-sharp wit!(you dare laugh...)

Tanya Jones

Rich, I love you and I want to father your children...oh no. I've mixed you up with Lucie Cave. Bollocks.

Hapless Boy Pete!

Coooeee! It's me again! Can I do you now sir? I'll just get me mop, etc.
Stop being so soft Pete....


WELL.... I see that you have done you own housekeeping!!!! Very nice.... let's see what other load of crap that you put in here!!!!! I am really think about putting my own homepage on WBS but, I am not certain yet!!! What is this you are neglecting me I think but, that is OK with me... see if I CARE!!! Just joking with you as always!!!!

Jen White

WELL.... I see that you have done you own housekeeping!!!! Very nice.... let's see what other load of crap that you put in here!!!!! I am really think about putting my own homepage on WBS but, I am not certain yet!!! What is this you are neglecting me I think but, that is OK with me... see if I CARE!!! Just joking with you as always!!!!

Jen White

Ooh Rich! You utter cad! Don't worry Jen-men! They're all the same!


I don't love this site, I think it's shite, ooh, a rhyme!!
So, here is uet another guestbook for me to sign and waste time looking at!! It's no good, these things are addictive! Enough with the exclamation marks I say!! I can't help it! Sorry! Rach (not rich, don't be confused)

Rachel Pidoux

Rach, how could we ever confuse you with Rich..?!


Or "manamana" even....

Mrs Mop

Rich, you're weird, but I like you! (That's s'posed to be like Bob Mortimer off the Mini Cheddars ad, if you're thick)
Hello Tanya and Rach! You're here too! Oooh, it's just like one big happy family!! Okay, I'm shutting up now.


Actually I just come here to see how many times Tanya has been here!!!!!:) You must be off your rocker to think that I would put some links in my homepage of YOUR FRIENDS!!!!! You are lucky to be there yourself!!!!! :) I am trying to get on the page so that I can link them up but, it is not working at this point!!!!! I am trying to expand and it is not letting me on!!!! The things that I do for you let me tell you..... you just make sure you put a link from yours to mine when I am ready for the exhibition.... free PR... out to be well known you are!!!!!!
Oh, you can take the Spice Girls back I am tired of "Wannabe" and that seems to be my sis's favorite song!!!!!!!

You know it

We don't want the Spice Girls back! Keep them!
Aimie, don't mention Vic and Bob to Rich-he doesn't like them. Fooooooole! He thinks Chris Evans is funny too. Dear dear...... The boy needs help!


Yes, please do mention Vic and Bob to me. Gives me the chance to think up insults!
Oh yes Tanya, Chris Evans, do you know he has now signed up to C4 to do 36 TFI Fridays a year, until 1999?


Oh joy. Welcome to "One man and his Ego".


No Tanya, I insist that you take the Spice Girls back!!!!! they did the Spring Break thing in Florida for MTV and I really got sick of them!!!!! I am normally very, very fond of British bands but, this one is a pass!!!!! Nothing against you guys!!!!

the one and only

Has anyone answered your question yet Rich? No? Probably because noone cares! Ha!
love Her Royal Smugness.


Hello again! Everyone here seems to hate you Rich! hahaha! i actually like both Vic and Bob and TFI, but given the choice Vic and Bob would win anyday. Ummm, i think we should crown tanya "the guestbook queen"! She seems to get around a bit :-)! Just don't mention german blokes to her, she'll go on for ages!! Must be going, Rach


JAWOHL! What are you trying to insinuate Rach? Yes, Iam the guestbook queen, which goes with my other titles Queen Smart Arse and Mrs Mop.

Mrs Mop

Yooooooooouu shut up! Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

The housekeeper

Ste is in trouble let me tell you!!!!!! He is lucky that is butt is all the way the hell in England!!!!! I see how he is.... well Tanya I hope that you have taken care of that little matter for me!!!! Well, Rich... I am sure that by this time you are blissfully drunk and sleepng the days away!!!!! I have to go back to school tomorrow much to my dismay:( Hate that place with a passion words can not even describe!!!!!! Jamiroquai is moving up in the world here in the US and I love the song Virtual Insanity...... I am ready to shoot all the tvs in the house cuz of the Spice Girls.... I wish that they would go the hell away!!!!!!
Miss ya and Ste I was only joking.... but, I might just have come over there and beat you for good measure!!!!

Jen White
the one and only

It's all got a bit boring on the FOF guestbooks, so I've come to grace this guestbook with my presence! Aren't you lucky, Rich?!


Not another guestbook, looks like this one will be bigger
than mine, oerr!


I'm back, avec dusters and bleach......

Mrs Mop

My bloody departmental fileserver's down, so can't get to email-sob! So I'm here to annoy people....

Mrs Mop

Well, now that your vacation is almost over you have to put up with me again!!!!!
HA HA!!!!!

need I tell you

This is a godawful background Rich, what have you done?

Mrs Mop

Boo!! (see, this girl's just got no imagination whatsoever)


Boo!! (see, this girl's just got no imagination whatsoever)


You put American guys to shame with all the drink you consumed!!!!! *LOL*

need I tell you

Yeah, you old alchy wouldn't believe the number of cans I've had to chuck away!

Mrs Mop

We've met Al and she skates like a mad punk thing, honest. Well at least it's not an ironing board. I have far too much free time.

Ste Stanley

Wow, I even have a song


Went to see Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, sneaked backstage, met the lead singer-cool night.

Mrs Mop, friend of the stars :-)

I used to love Gorkeys, especially the druid theme on their record covers!



So this is where everyone has gone.

Teletubbies rule!!

David Patrick

Sorry Rich, this is for Mrs Mop, postcard sender extraordinaire! Cheers muchly Tan, if I don't get a chance to say it in a proper e-mail (which I probably won't!) You're too good to me!!


Tut tut, using my guestbook as a public message forum Aimie.
Give yourself a good slap for that!


Ta Aimie! I know I'm too good to you! I'm too good to everybody!

Mrs Mop

We hate Northwich Victoria, we hate Altrincham too (they're shit!) We hat Witon and Runcorn, but Macclesfield we love you...
Hold on, thought I was somewhere else. Bollocks.

Hapless Boy Pete

Blimey, this hasn't been signed for ages! Helllooo, anyone there?

Mrs Mop

Obviously not!!!!!


Whoops, I appear to have forgotten my name!

Well it's finally summer, and you've changed your page too.
I'm off home, then coming back and doing psychology instead,
oh well bye bye


Blimey Rich!! Where have all the pages gone?? What have you done?


Don't worry fans, it's all under control. Just bear with me. It'll be OK soon. Honest!


Hi Rich!!! I don't know you (you probably figured this out by now) I was trying to find some guy's homepage cause it had this cool Past Life thing on it, but I can't remember his name! Ahh, oh well, the good thing is that i found your page! Just wanted to tell ya I think it's really great and umm.. good luck with life and everything. :-) By the way, I live in South dakota in the US... England sounds wonderful right now! Thanks and have an elightening day ! (I don't know what i'm talkin about either, it's okay)


It's a nice place, I won't knock it. Maybe some suggestions though:
Your cloud background. Basically it looks a bit out of place. If you really must have it, at least make it stretch to fit the whole page so it doesn't look so obviously tiled. Since you also have an Amiga, I sugest you use ImageFX for this as it makes it dead easy.

I had a bit of trouble getting around your site. I did a Yahoo search for Chris Evans, then TFI Friday and then I somehow got here. I'm not sure exactly where I came from or how I get back. I wanted to put a link to a TFI Friday site on my home page (
but I have no idea where it is anymore.

Apart from that, this looks to be a pretty cool site. If I ever do get out then I might come back here again sometime.

Best Wishes,
JA Phillips.

J. Phillips

Hello cad you!!! I see that you have done some
house cleaning since I been away!! Nice!!! My sis says hi!!! Did you miss me? I have to make up for lost time and give you hell!!! You can start emailing me again if you want!!!!!
Love ya,

Jen White

Because its cool!

padraig liggan

Whoops, I appear to have forgotten my name!

Methinks that this site is cool(irony intended). Nigel's a compulsive wanker, who never goes out of is room, and wank's to last of the summer wine videos

John Williams

Hello, I'm back, avec broom...mail me Ste, if you exist any more....

Tanya the domestic slave

* left intentionally blank *

Andy L

Andy L

*left intentionally filled* the guestbook is being used
again, but somehow it's lost it's charm. Anyway, time for
a shameless plug - "Steven Stanley's Incredible World!" will
appear to everyone, as soon as is likely.

Steven Stanley

The Judges have visited your site, sorry you didn't make our
grade, for Top Site, but please feel free to work at some
more. For more information on the Award and how to win.
Have a great day!


Rich, heres one for ya!

ho ho ho.

Andy L

Cos I hate the Spice girls!

Tom Macdonald

Kill spice girls, VIVA KYLIE

John Williams

Kill spice girls, VIVA KYLIE

John Williams

The spice girls suck, even Natalie Imbruglia writes her own

Steven Stanley

Yes, "Alledgedly!"


Yes, the Spice Girls are a threat to everyone's sanity,and should be stopped. But I will continue to buy Walker's crisps. Because they're great. (I may be able to avoid them by buying my favourite flavour "Salt and Lineker" though. Yep, that's a thought)

Tanya Jones

I hate The Lice Girls!!! and will support anyone else who does!

Jason Deabill


A new idea :
Grrr and show your teeth to any who endorses the the spice girls in any way.

Dave Nicoll

Good idea, or better still, bite their head off!




Wow, I've updated my page


WOW (Open mouthed in amazement!)


I wonder if this thing works yet...


Hooray! It's working again!!!!!!


you're too obsessed with TFI friday, which totally sucks
anyway - it's just not funny any more!


Blasphemy alert! Ste - go and wash your mouth out with
gallons of soapy water!
Ok, so some weeks, TFI goes crap, but then other weeks,
the high standard is back again!
And the sooner I can get back onto the show again,
the better!


Woah! Ste has had his hair cut!
Miracles do happen!
And for those in doubt, yes he does have a neck.
I have now seen it!


yes he's right. how come no one talks on the guestbook anymore?


Whoops, I appear to have forgotten my name!

Why? Because it is interesting, honest, straight and takes the piss out of the spice girls.....need I say more!

Tara Hodgkinson

this is a shit site but the spice girls are shit to


Whoops, I appear to have forgotten my name!

I dunno if I do or not, yet.

uhh not yet

It is really cool. the spice girls are shit!


Whoops, I appear to have forgotten my name!

This sight is like a milky way meltdown!! It was really cool. I wish mine was like yours. mine really sucks because i am just beginning but if you want something to laugh about and crack bad jokes on visit my sight..
Now that is a sight to laugh at!! I really enjoyed your page. I would like your help on mine!!


this really suxs richard!! just kidding
i haven't went far on mine thanks for your help!!


Because, simply put, it KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dunno yet, I'm still finding out about it!!!!So far so good tho!!!!


Andy and craig have visited this site...

and we think its the pants.

ha hah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha.. fillet o fish.

Andy and Craig

Whoops, I appear to have forgotten my name!

Rich, Just thought i'd pop by while i'm slacking off at work - you've got some catching upto do now that i've been writting these bloody pages for 3 months - & get rid of those gif images on the first page god-dam-you boy!
Speak to you soon.

Paul V.




because i love tfi friday, give me more information "yum yum"

ivan issac greaves

Whoops, I appear to have forgotten my name!



because your gonna give me some free tickets to the show,aint ya?


The massive heeds rock exept for the Gallager brothers who are crap!

Cheap Michael

I gotta say i hate this site!!!!!!! For one reason.....and one only!!! this constant hate towards the Spice Girls!!! If you don't wanna see them in the paper just turn the page, on telly, swich channel but get over it!!!!!!!!!!!I personnaly have no problem with the spice girls...and i hope that they keep being in your face everyday !!!Just to remind you how it feels having people like you being in OUR face everyday with shit like that!!!


Ok - fair point. Nice to see you're brave enough to add your name and reply to address to your comment!


joining you quest to rid the world of spice is the greatest decision i ever made. thankyou for opening my eyes!!


Nice one Claire - you speak sense!


Talk about leading a person into saying somethin nice about you. "Why I love this site?" ...who says I even like it.
*cheeky grin*
Just teasing....
Now stop nagging me to sign your guest book.


Cause you can find hundreds of info about chris and the gang and it is brillant for me cause I Love chris.

Shellie Mclaughlin

I think it's a TOP Site well done Rich!

fuck off no ones getting it

Ladies and Gentlemen, now entering their 14th minute of fame...The Spice Girls! (And not soon enough, mind you)

holly michelle

Sorry to post again so soon, but I heard some of the best news I've heard in years: I was asking my 8-soon-to-be-9 year old niece what she wanted for her birthday, and I assumed some Spice Girl CD's were on her list...but she was quick to inform me that the Spice Girls were no longer cool to listen to. I thought, "Oh my! This is a turning point! Because when the little girls don't think they're cool anymore, than there goes their core audience!" Granted, I don't know what the situation is in the UK, but I thought I'd let you know that in the US there is a light at the end of this dark-and-void-of-any-talent-tunnel that we call The Spice Girls.

holly michelle

Hooray! Thanks for that Holly! Looks like my boycott job's a good un!


Luv the site because you are outrageously funny....*still laughing* Hey remember me? Where have ya been? *hugs*


~dangerous (f)lirt~

Topless and smeared with yoghurt - mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!


Hi Rich,
I really like your web site because I really like you, your so sexy baby. You make me horny and randy. Please could we
meet one day for hot sex.
I'll await your reply, sexy baby.

Amy Carlton

Wooo WHooo!!!! Here's my mark on your book!!!! hehehe I know its about time...*S* but hey good things come to those who wait hu??? *L* hehe your page is awsome!!! I really need to redu mine..*S* but oh well...*S* Keep up the excellent work and Hope to chat with ya in the chatroom soon!! Take care... *HUGS and pinch* hehehehehee i'm such a brat...*giggles*

amy (shaylee)

hey!!! i just noticed you haven't signed my guestbook yet *pouts* and here ya keep reminding me to sign yours!! hehee my turn!! now go sign my book...*grin* or else!! woo whoo!! laters doll!!

shaylee (again)

did you drop off the face of the earth or something???? hehehee

amy (from a chatroom)

Whoops, I appear to have forgotten my name!

Whoops, I appear to have forgotten my name!


d vandale

I girl or boy

sheena darden

sheena darden

sex go see you

15 dawson road

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