Morning! Can I do you now sir? Yep, Queen Smart Arse has come down in the world and has had to take up the position as housekeeper in Rich's house of delights. And how honoured Iam to be employed by Sir Rich Of Young (crawl, crawl...).

So if you come across any mistakes or broken links on your journey through His Nib's residence, mail me and remind me what my job is. Right-cup of tea? Ah, go on......

My Fanzine (Plug plug)

It's called Richard Herring is Lush, has an interview with Rich, the uncut version of Lee and Herring's article for the o-zone, a problem page and lots of other Rich-related stuff. For 100p and an A4 SAE sent to Tanya Jones, 168 Quilter Road, Brighton Hill, Basingstoke, Hants. RG22 4HB, it's anyone's.