Boycott The Spice Girls

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Well that's it. We won! No more Spice. (Well unless this stupid reunion crap goes ahead). I have left my original boycott attached for your entertainment.

Hooray! 1 down, 4 to go!

I hate the Spice Girls, and by reading this page, I hope that you do too! I think the worst thing is, that you can't get away from them. You turn on the TV, they're there. You open a newspaper, they're there. You buy a bag of crisps, they're there - I think you get my drift.

I mean, did we ask for this to happen? No we didn't. They seem to think that it is alright to be in our faces, all day, every day.

So to combat this problem, I ask that all readers of this page

  1. Sign the guestbook to pledge support for my campaign.
  2. Do not buy the following products
    1. Pepsicola
    2. Walkers crisps
    3. Impulse (Or whatever it is) perfumes
    4. The Spice-camera
    5. Asda (I think - they have a range of Spice Girls clothes)
    6. Cadburys chocolates
  3. Shout "I hate the Spice Girls" loudly, at least twice a day.

Celebrity Support!

Whilst watching the telly over crimbo, I saw the christmas episode of "The Friday Night Armistice" in which the team were doing a Spice Girls amnesty, in which you could bring your unwanted Spice Girls merchandise, and they would throw it on the bonfire, no questions asked. Cool! See, people do support my campaign!

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