V.R. & Multimedia

A supermarket has to be designed with many considerations in mind. These include aspects like layout and routing of customers, visual breakthroughs, and commercially attractive overviews of product groups. Traditionally the managers responsible for the implementation of new and renewed stores make their decisions by evaluating the conceptual design of a store based on drawings made and explained by architects during extensive sessions. The important question that has to be asked is can the design process of stores be accelerated or improved when the concept of virtual reality is incorporated into the design process. This is clearly a question that can only be answered over time when managers give feedback relating to store performance after using VR techniques compared to methods employed when using an architect.

Store Designer Pro Software

Regarding technology available for VR modelling of supermarkets there is a tool available already for this purpose called 'Store Designer Pro'. The user can create and walk through various design of the store.

With SDP domain experts are able to design their own store or supermarket in virtual reality without programming. SDP runs on the standard Pentium PC platform with many VR devices.

See diagram on right, for an SDP screenshot.

The user can walk through various designs of the store. This enables the user to evaluate the designs, layouts and routings and determine which is the most suitable.
SDP is built around a virtual reality engine. A user-interface is realised which enables the user to perform all actions.

Advantages of Virtual Models

Beneifts of Multimedia in Retail

The diagram on the right is an example of a multimedia station in the retail sector.

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