It's my Ste song!

Good eh?


- (To the tune of Supersonic - Oasis)

It's Ste Stanley himself,
it can't be no-one else.
He's really one of a kind,
a class of its own, that's his mind.
When every-one else fails,
we know Ste always prevails.
He makes us laugh,
he knows Ms. Powell is crap!
The old dufflecoat, and his trademark long hair
are what make up our Ste, no wonder people stare.
We need to find out,
Cause no-one can understand what he's on about.
He needs to find a way,
to slag off the lecturers today,
Cause it's all over tomorrow.
The men in white coats take him home,
he sits in his padded cell, all alone
He's one hell of a stupid get.
Everybody loves him,
everybody thinks he's really sound
(Except he's a f****n scouser, everyone lock up your pound(s) )

Yes Rich, I can see just how talented you are...