Long time visitors of my page may remember my old TV page. It was the one where I passed comment on the best programmes to look out for. Well, I decided it was time for a change. (OK, so I couldn't be arsed to update it often enough!).

This page is to remember those old classic TV shows, and it's interactive. Yes, your memories are greatly welcomed. When you fill the form in, please give the name of the show, approximate year of transmission, TV company, what it was about and why it was so good. See the few I've done to get an idea.

The Rules

  1. The show must not be in production any more. This means you can nominate shows that are 20 years old, or even 6 months old, as long as they aren't being made anymore.
  2. Erm, that's it!

Right. That's the rules over with, let's see what classic TV memories we can come up with!

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Back we go!

Flux - Yorkshire Television - 1996.

Submitted by : Rich!

This was shown on late night TV. I think it was shown across the whole ITV network and not just on Yorkshire. Presented by The Brothers Grinn, Flux was a mix of silly games, pranks, sketches and music. Each week, the games came from a different city in the UK, and had three teams of two competing against each other in three silly challenges, such as pinching elephant dung from the zoo! The pranks usually came from The Brothers Grinn making hoax phone calls, whilst the music was provided by DJs guesting at The Faversham in Leeds. The show filmed in Sheffield featured such highlights as one team standing on The Moor bandstand and trying to sell their granny(!), to another team having a Sheffield night out, which involved a few pubs, only one I can remember was Marples in Fitzalan Square, and ending up in Club Uropa via The Leadmill. The appeal of the show, came from it's uniqueness. Also it was prefectly aimed at my sense of humour. If anyone from YTV is reading this, BRING FLUX BACK!

Interceptor - Chatsworth Television for Channel 4 - Around 1987

Submitted By Rich!

This show is hard to explain, so this entry is quite long...

This is the best gameshow I have EVER seen. Presented by Annabel Croft, it featured a team of two people, blindfolded and flown out to two seperate locations. Each contestant had a backpack. One of the backpacks was empty, the other contained the prize money, but the contestants didn't know who had the money, and who had the empty pack. When both contestants were in the staring place, the blindfolds were removed, and the clock was started. The contestants had to describe their location to Annabel (she had the only map) to try to help her work out where they were. The object was for the contestants to meet up within the 40 minute time limit, and win the prize money, through Annabel talking to them over their walkie-talkies. Easy? Nope. The packs were locked, and the contestants had to find the key to the others pack, (which is why they had to meet up). Oh and there was The Interceptor. The Interceptor flies around in his helicopter (knowing where the contestants start) and attempts to seal their packs shut by remote control. To explain, the packs had remote sensors on them, which the Interceptor tried to zap with his zapper. If he zapped it, the pack could not be opened. Only thing was, the contestant had no way of telling if the Interceptor had zapped them or not! He also had dirty tricks up his sleeve, such as getting out of his helicopter, and chasing one contestant on foot whilst sending the pilot back up in the air, to hover over the other contestant to scare them, and make the contestant who was being chased, think they were safe! If the contestants met up with the keys within the time limit, they were then allowed to try the keys in the others pack. If the pack with the money in opened, then they won. If not, or if the time ran out, they lost! Can you imagine how they must have felt if they met up, just to find that the empty pack opened, and the pack with money in had been locked by the Interceptor? Channel 4, please, please PLEASE repeat this show! The appeal? I can't even begin to describe it, let's just say this was THE BEST gameshow from Chatsworth, (others were Treasure Hunt and The Crystal Maze)

The Unofficial Interceptor Web Site

Comment from Alana - Just to update your entry on the fantastic Interceptor - this was shown on ITV, not Channel 4. Seven episodes were shown over the Summer of 1989 with a New Year's Day Special in 1990.


Submitted by Steven Stanley.

70's kung-fu show with corny characters (eg. half man half pig person) and a flying cloud. Best quote :"Monkeeeeyy!"

The Good Life

Submitted by John Williams.

The best 70s sitcom ever. 70s Surburbia, Posh rich couple Margo(Penelope Keith) and Jerry( Paul Eddington), lived next door to self sufficiant poor couple Tom(Richard Briers) and Barbara(Felicity Kendal), and their goat Geraldine. Tom & Babara were always poor thanks to there communist self suffiant beliefs. Snooty Margo always looked down on them, Jerry was just henpecked. Wifeswapping was hinted at, and never realised, the closest they got was when they all got pissed on Toms Elderberry wine. Everbody fancied Felicity Kendal, and Tom constant flertation with Margo were some of the best moments on TV in the 70s

The Singing Ringing Tree

Submitted by Dave.

early 70`s programme, dubbed in russian/yugoslavian or similar. included 2 dwarfs,a bear,a prince,and i think a unicorn and a fish. was always on at easter.

Treasure Hunt

Submitted by Louise.

I love Treasure Hunt...am enjoying the repeats on challenge TV. Especially love Keith! The cute but stern looking helicopter pilot!


Submitted by Paul.

ITV Summer 1996.....This was a cracking series some funny bits in it and all that. What I am looking for is the video they used to show a clip of every week - the karate kid spoof. I think it was called"I'll kill ya". Am I thinking of the right programme here?