This TFI Friday site is totally unofficial. It is not run by anyone from Ginger Productions, or anyone working on their behalf.

It is run by me, Richard Young, who is the worlds biggest TFI Friday fan, as a tribute to the show.

If anyone from Ginger Productions is reading this, and does not like me paying tribute to the show in this way, then please tell me and I will remove the pages straight away.

However, I have been reliably informed by a member of staff at Ginger that most of the Ginger team have seen this site, including Danny and Will! Thanks for sparing me your valuable time guys! I am not worthy!

I will add new stuff to this site whenever the team do something so good and so funny (which is like, most weeks!), that I have no choice but to put it on!

It goes without saying that all the TV grabs are copyright Ginger. As with everything else on this site, if any of the Ginger team do not like me using the TV grabs, just tell me!

I have placed a few adverts on the site. Just to let you all know that every time you click one of them, I receive a very small amount of cash! I am not going to insist that you click the adverts - that is up to whether you feel I deserve a small reward for my efforts or not.

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