Well, it's the 12th of May 1999, and in yet another exclusive for The Unofficial TFI Friday Website Chris has finally given me a whole "couple of minutes" of his time, in which to ask the burning questions of the day!

It's 12:30 PM, and I'm standing in the Trocadero, watching the festivities of national nurses day! 50 nurses, Anthea Turner and the breakfast show team all having rides on the Pepsi Drop thingy.

I soon spotted Johnny Boy looking all excited at the entrance desk, ushering all the nurses on. Dan was stood alongside him. A few minutes later, and Anthea Turner was coming up the esclator. I heard some people shout out to her what she thought of the ride, but she disappeared straight away.

John was looking through the rides car, pulling faces at the nurses as another ride started. But where was Chris?

Shortly after, I saw a man wearing a doctors white coat with a stethoscope round his neck. Someone taking this seriously I thought! When I noticed the big floppy hat, I knew it could only be one person!

Next thing, I spotted Dominic Mohan from the world's best newspaper (That's the Sun by the way), talking to Chris. Damn you Mohan - you beat me! Just wait till next time!

Shortly afterwards Chris comes up the stairs, and stands by the balcony. "Chris", I said to him, "Pleased to meet you at last", shaking his hand. I explained to him who I was, and that I did this website, to which he smiled and thanked me for my support.

I asked him what he thought of the ride. "Fantastic!" he replied. I then asked him if Holly was with them, as I hadn't spotted her? He told me she was here. Jokingly, I asked him if she was still blonde, or was she back to brunette now. He laughed, and told me she was never blonde! "What?" I asked him. "It was a joke" he told me, "she was never blonde!"? "What about the pictures Chris? Were they not real either?" "No" he replied. Laughing, I asked him if Holly's blonde hair was announced on the first of April. Chris laughed, and said he was on holiday when it was announced! It was the rest of the team that did it!

Crafty team, crafty!!!!!

Chris then asked if I'd been down to see the show, and if I'd been in the bar. I told him I had, but never got the chance to say hello to him then, as he shot off as soon as the show finished. By this time, Chris had to shoot off to other festivities. (An afternoon in the pub, no doubt!)

Pleasure meeting you Chris! And a happy nurses day to you!

Dominic Mohan - No offence mate! Keep up your work for the worlds best paper!

Picture from The Sun.