The Gallery

Are you an ugly bloke? Or maybe you're a fat lookalike? Or do you have a freak or unique talent? Or maybe, you're just a huge fan, and you want your picture here to show the whole world!

If so, send me a picture of yourself, and I'll include it in the gallery!

Submission details:
  1. Please keep your pictures decent.
  2. If the picture is not of yourself, please make sure the subject knows you are submitting their picture to the gallery.
  3. You can send your picture in any of these formats : GIF, JPEG, IFF-ILBM, BMP.
  4. Please do not uuencode your picture.
  5. Finally, attatch your picture to an email, and send it to me, at,

And first up for ugly bloke, is Jeremy Pearce!

Next up, is Penny Gill - a fat lookalike for Posh Spice.

And here's Alan Swoffers, a John Lennon lookalike, as nominated by Joanne Mountjoy.

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