"It's not little, it's not lickle, it's ickle!"

The world of ickle consists of small things. Not just any old small thing though, only top toys, and novelties!

The ickle train - This is the best thing ever seen on TV. Basically, (as the name suggests), it is just an ickle train that chugs away round its figure 8 track, but, halfway through, it tips a bridge over, to allow it to continue. Brilliant

The ickle van - An ickle van, which actually plays records! Yes, the van has a needle on the underside, which, when placed on a record, drives round in a circle and plays it. I want one!

The ickle desk - A miniature version of Chris's desk, complete with ickle chair. Each ickle desk, has an even ickler desk and chair on top of it, sort of like those russian dolls, and the icklest desk even has in ickle Chris to sit at it!

The ickle golf course - It's the worlds smallest par 3, complete with ickle balls, ickle clubs and ickle helicopter to do the fly over previews!

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