Geri Halliwell to get married! Can it be true? It is if Jonathan Royle has anything to do with it!

As regular visitors will know, I'm not a big fan of any of the Spice Girls, least of all Geri, however, as this is for charity, I'm more than happy to give it a mention.
Jonathan, over to you!

Hi Richard and all readers of the TFI Friday website!

My names Jonathan Royle (artiste formerly known as Alex-Leroy) and I am showbiz columnist for, one of Britians leading Stage-Hypnotists and above all Geri Halliwells biggest fan by far!

I intend to raise over ONE MILLION POUNDS for Geri's pet charities which include The Breast Cancer Care Appeal to which she donates all royalties from her book "If Only".

The way in which I intend to raise this money is by getting married to Geri! Yes you read that correctly by getting married to former spice girl Geri Halliwell I intend to raise over one million uk sterling for her favourite charities.

To this end I have placd a bet with my bosses at to the tune of 10,000 at odds of 100 to 1 that I will be married to Geri on or before Valentines day 2001.

Assuming that Geri accepts my proposal, this will automatically win me One Million Pounds every penny of which I have pledged to donate to charities of Geri's choice!

Furthermore we could sell the wedding photos to ceebrity magazines and no doubt make another Million for these worthy causes.

Obviously all Geri needs to do is marry me one day and then divorce me the next which of course is both possible aand legal in the USA! Just so long as she has legallly been married to me, then I win the bet and her charities get at least One Million Pounds.


Dear Geri,

Now you might think this is kinda funny, you might even say Who Do You Think You Are, but i'm not Schizophonic, I just wanna be your Mi Chico Latino. If Only you'd Say You'll Be There to Lift Me Up and Spice Up My Life so that we can make this Love Thing happen and then Two Can Become One!

Oh Geri I have staked with my bosses at 10,000 at odds of 100 to 1 that we will be married by Valentines day 2001.

Should you agree to marry me then I win One Million Pounds which I have pledged to donate to your favourite charity.

So dear Geri, if your up for it we'd better meet for our first date and you can contact me on

All my love

Jonathan Royle