friends, and thanks for tuning in.

August 2002 - The website is still open!!! Yes, I'm still here (always have been!) I still want your fat lookalikes. I still want your ugly blokes. I still want your freak or uniques. I still want the TFI top totty. All your TFI style entertainment is still wanted! Send your pictures in, and give the TFI Friday community some fun!

26-12-00 - So that's it then! The show is over! Still it's had a pretty good run - from the middle of the 90's to the end of 2000 is not bad for any chat/light entertainment show!

So what of the website? It's still open! Please continue to send in your fat lookalikes, ugly blokes and freak or uniques. Infact, please continue sending in anything you think the readers may like!

I think a little explanation about the lack of recent updates is needed... I recently bought a new PC, and it doesn't like my TV capture card, so I couldn't get any pics :-( If anyone just happens to have any vidcaps of recent weeks shows (!), please send them in!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the website so far - and here's to (hopefully) the same level of support in 2001!

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