Well, after the first visit to TFI, which I enjoyed so much, I just had to go back. After speaking to Stephen Joel the first time, and finding out he didn't put my name down, as promised, I thought I'd better phone someone else this time. So I phoned Will McDonald, and left him a message. A couple of days later, I got a call back from Sinead Oldnall. Thanks for passing my details on Will. You're a star! So having spoke to Sinead, I had two tickets for Friday 27th March 1998. So it was just me and Jay this time.

So on the 27th, it was the same routine as last time; catch an early train to London, get a few pints in, and then head off to the studio, via Cedric's Odd Spot cafe for a bit of lunch.

Arrived at the studio just after 4pm. Joined the guest queue, which took ages to start moving. While we were queing, Will walks past. So I finally get to do something I've wanted to do for years. I pointed my finger at him and said "Wiiiiiiilll"! Great! When we got in, I gave my name to the lady on the desk. She said she was Sinead, and defintely knew my name; she obviously rememberd me from the phone calls. She gave me two tickets, and said she was going to put us on the gantry. Cool! How amazing is that? I'll get to see the whole studio area, as well as the guests as they walk past.

So about 4:45, we made our way into the studio - up the steps, and onto the gantry. The staff kept shuffling us around, to get the line up of punters right. And the warm up man starts, with exactly the same crappy gags that he did last time. After a while, Sinead comes up the stairs, and says she needs some more people to fill up the bar. Cool! Here's my chance! Females only. Blast! Why? So she starts giving people the wristbands needed to go in the bar. After moving 4 or 5 women in, she says she needs 2 more people. So I'm thinking, "Come on! Please! Please!!!!" So she looks at me, and says, "Come on! You and your mate!" BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

So I'm getting a wristband put on, and being gestured into the bar. In the bar, it's time to get a free drink. Cool! Oh and yes, Andrew really does serve drinks! So I'm supping a free pint, in the TFI Friday bar, and listening to Danny on the mike, telling us to concentrate on cheering and making noise, rather than on our pints!

The show starts. Everyone seems quite disorganised. The crew seem to be having meetings around Chris's desk, even while the opening titles are rolling. Never mind, everything went well!

So what to report? Well how about John Revell confessing during one of the ad breaks, that he can't really play heavy metal guitar. No way Johnny! Never! Something else quite strange - the show's heavy metal theme. John plays into and out of the ad breaks with heavy metal, but during the breaks it's his usual 70's stuff!!

During the ad breaks, Chris was seen taking a fag off someone, having a crafty drag or two, then handing it back to whoever he took it from!!!

I also noticed, throughout all off the show, Danny Baker was looking at me, almost all the time. What's that all about then Dan?

During Gary Lineker's interview, Gary takes his shoe and sock off, to show his "injured" toe. Someone behind me shouted out "What's that smell?" But the microphones didn't pick it up.

Got to shake Jimmy Page's hand (I'm not worthy!) on his way into the bar. After the show, got to shake Chris's hand (I'm not worthy!) just before he disappeared! Then we were walking up the bar to take a look at Chris's desk, and who asked me and Jay to excuse him, as he was pushing past us? None other than Will! I'm not worthy!

After the show, the production team are starting to dismantle the equipment. The punters in the bar are still drinking merrily. Andrew the barman is sitting in Chris's chair, talking to the fans. Gary Lineker is drilling a hole in the desk. Paul from the Full Monty is being encouraged by numerous women to get his kit off. And I'm still in disbelief that I'm actually here!

All good things must come to an end, and about 6:15, it did. Security asked us to sup up, and make our way out of the studio. So it's out of the bar, down the stairs, through the basement and into the Riverside Bar for post-show drinks. None of the guests came through the bar during the time I was there. So sadly no photo's or anything. I guess we needed Jeremy here for someone to start taking the piss out of!

Never mind, a good night boozing in and around Leicester square followed.

Part 2!

Big thanks to Nick from Unofficial, Unofficial Ginger for getting me the TV pics again!

Look, it's me. In the bar!!!

























Look, its Robert Plant!





Woah! I got to shake Jimmy Page's hand!!!!

















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