This is the questionnaire. Your response will allow me to make my pages even more entertaining. And if you answer the silly questions, I can have a laugh at your expense!

Part 1 - About You

Your name :

Your Email address :

Are You :
Not Sure

How would you describe your sense of humour?
How old are you?

Part 2 - General Stuff

How clever are you :
An Ameoba

What is your brain made up of?

Are you Geoffrey from Rainbow in disguise?

What's the meaning of life? (I think it's 42!)

Part 3 - Jokes

Roughly how many jokes do you know?

Tell me one of them!!!!

Part 4 - Me and my site

What do you think of my site?

Tell me how I can improve it.

Do you like me?

Tell me how I can improve myself.

Part 5 - Your question

Is there anything you would like to ask me...

I have fulfilled your every demand.
Whoops! I screwed up!

Thanks very much for filling this in. Much appreciated!!!!!
I will answer your question on the feedback page.

Can I go now please?