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This menu contains links to pages which are directly related to the show.

What? This is a description of what TFI Friday is - useful for our international visitors!
Who? Pictures and profiles of all the shows top characters.
Words A list of some of the catchphrases used by the team.
Features Some of the shows more popular comic features.
Sounds An aural extravaganza! Sound samples from the show.
Ickle A look at some of the objects in the world of ickle.
Limerick A controversial limerick as penned by Danny Baker.
Tickets This is what you've been looking for - the all important ticket hotline number!
Where's Will? A look at some of the rumours regarding Will's disappearance from the show.
Nostalgia A look back at TFI years gone by.
Geri and Kylie The page that needs no introduction - it's the famous arm wrestle!

The Shows 1999 Menu

This menu contains links to pages containing pictures taken from shows throughout 1999.

The Shows 2000 Menu

Like the 1999 menu, but with links to pages containing pictures from shows throughout 2000.

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This menu contains links to pages either about this website or pages on this website based on ideas in the show.

About About the website and the author.
Links Links to other Chris Evans related websites.
Quiz Test your TFI knowledge in the quiz. M
ay not work on Netscape browsers.
Seen Face Less well known spottings of the TFI team.
The Gallery Want to show your fat-lookalikeness off? Want to be turned down by Catalina? This is the place for you.

Freak Gallery A collection of Freak-or-Unique people.
Face Gallery A collection of hard workers showing us their faces.
Linking How to link to this site.
It's Your Page This is the page that you, the audience, write. Send in your TFI related stories, and I'll publish them here.

Mailing List Receive regular TFI updates.
Interview With Chris The Unofficial TFI Friday Website's chat with Chris - EXCLUSIVE!
Chris and Geri The farce that was Chris and Geri.

The Personal Menu

This menu contains some of the authors personal experiences of all things Ginger.

Visit Details of my first trip to London village to see the show - with EXCLUSIVE backstage photos of celebs!
Visit 2 Details of my second trip to see the show - sadly without backstage celeb photos, but still a good read!
Discussion Discussion board for talking about all things Ginger - your messages will appear for one month.
Chris Interviews One of my favourite interviews from TFI.
The Protest Yet another EXCLUSIVE for the Unofficial TFI Friday Website - the story of Chris Vs Cliff.
TFI Chat Chance to meet up with other TFI fans for a good old natter.

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This menu gives access to the guestbook.

View Book Have a look at what nice things other people have had to say.
Sign Book Chance to leave your own comments for the world to see - please sign in!

The Miscellaneous Menu

This menu is the home to all the gubbins that doesn't belong elsewhere.

Make ús - This page gives details of how YOU can make pounds by visiting this website! Or dollars if your prefer! Or francs. Or pesetas. Etc...
Richs Home Page - Find out all about the genius that put this excellent website together.
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